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Make your newsletter work for you. Our next online issue will be coming out in September of 2013. The submission deadline is August 15, 2013. I would like to include more articles on the technical, ethical, and spiritual aspects of working in the museum field. If you have expertise in a particular area, please share. If you have recently attended a workshop that you found enlightening - tell us about that. If your institution has recently gained an employee, or an employee has received an accolade - please let us know. Did you find a novel way of solving an everyday problem? I would like to have an advocacy corner, a tech talk column, an experts forum, a people section, and a solutions corner. If you liked the “What is That?” page and you have something that would be challenging for the rest of us to identify - please send a picture and description. Let’s share our knowledge and make all of our institutions as great as they can be!!!

~ Mary Covington, editor of the NMA Newsletter


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