2018 Annual Conference


Call for Proposals

October 10-12,Boulder City, NV


The Nevada Museums Association is requesting proposals for the 2018 Annual Meeting in Boulder City, NV, which is scheduled for October 10-12, 2018. This year’s theme is The Strength of Community.

In the wake of tragedies ranging from mass killings to natural disasters to police brutality to political strife, we have found the ability to persevere and even triumph through the strength of our communities. Museums are at the heart of communities, acting not only as sites that help define our civic and cultural identities but as economic, social, and political actors.

At a time when many of us find ourselves and our communities tested as never before, we take this opportunity to ask how museums can and do contribute to the strength of communities. What makes us “good neighbors” to the communities we serve? How do we help define the very notion of “community”? In times of tragedy, how can museums shape the larger emotional and intellectual response, and provide healing and reconciliation?

We are requesting submissions related to museums’ relationships with their communities, and examples of how museums strengthen their communities -- or are strengthened by them. We are particularly interested in proposals that address how museums respond to challenges within their communities, whether from sudden tragedies or endemic problems.

Please email your session proposals to Dustin Wax at dustin@burlesquehall.com by June 10th, 2018, using the subject line “NMA Session Proposal”. Include the following information in your proposal. A list is acceptable.

  • The session’s title
  • The subject this session will address (exhibits, collections, education, governance, etc.)
  • A brief description of your session (no more than 100 words)
  • The format of your session (panel, workshop, single person presentation, etc.)
  • Any fees to cover cost of materials (this only pertains to workshops)
  • All of the presenter’s names involved
  • Reliable contact information

 Presenters will be notified of their submission status by July 15. Please contact Dustin at the above address or 888-661-6465 if you have any more questions regarding proposals.